Watch Battery Replacement


Your Fossil watch will need power to keep the time ticking. Just like any other battery powered machine, the batteries will soon run out of juice and your Fossil watch will stop running altogether. Dead batteries are not covered in any watch warranty.

Watch companies are not required to replace batteries that have already exhausted their capacity. Once your battery is dead you need to replace it to keep your watch ticking. Replacing a battery is not that hard. It is actually really simple. But it is recommended that you find a reliable watch specialist that can help you out with battery replacement. If you really insist though, that you want to do it yourself, then you should be warned that once something strange happens to your watch the warranty can no longer cover the damage you have done.


  1. Assess first if the problem really is your watch’s batteries. Once you have verified it, you can start by turning the watch over. Place any soft cloth to shield the face of the watch you are working on.
  2. Gently remove the back cover of the watch with a precision screw driver or a watch case opener. Watches will have different back covers. Some you need to unscrew and others you just need to find the indent in the watch and pry it off.
  3. Most watches will have these rubber-like gaskets. Carefully take the gasket out and place it somewhere safe.
  4. Find where the battery is. A battery will likely be around 6 mm to 9.6 mm. and resembles a circular shiny metal object
  5. Once you have located the battery, carefully remove it from the casing. Use the appropriate tools. If it is held with a cover and screw, use a precision screw driver. If it is held under a clip, pry it with the help of a Phillips screwdriver. Remember to use plastic tweezers instead of metal ones.
  6. After removing the battery, identify it properly with the help of the numbers located at its back. The numbers will be usually around 3 to 4 digits like 123 or 5023. Be aware of the battery’s polarity. The large plus sign means that the side is positive while the other one is negative.
  7. Go purchase a replacement battery. Be sure to bring the battery number and not the watch model since it will be needed to purchase the battery. Just to be sure, bring your battery to any electronics shop, jewelry store, and discount shops to find a replace watch batterygood replacement battery for your Fossil watch.
  8. Install your newly bought battery. Be careful not to immediately place it in. Wipe the battery first to remove dusts and other prints or film that has been left on its surface. Do not mix up the polarity or you will just be wasting your money. Properly place the battery onto the battery hatch.
  9. Check your watch if it is already working after replacing the battery. Be sure that the watch is working well.
  10. Return all components to their original places and clean up your watch.

With these easy do it yourself tips, you can now replace your prized Fossil watches if once their batteries run out of juice.

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